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Koskenkorva Vodka

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Altia Corporation

Altia Corporation is a major player in the Nordic and Baltic alcoholic beverages market. The company is the maker of all Koskenkorva spirits and has a strong range of other proprietary products. The company also represents many international brands from around the world. The Finnish state is the sole owner of the company.


The Koskenkorva Distillery, located among the barley fields of Koskenkorva Village, is where all Koskenkorva spirits are made. To ensure the highest quality of our distilled spirits, we use one of the most advanced distillation processes in the world. With over 250 distillation tray runs, we ensure that Koskenkorva Vodka is among the purest in the world by any standard. We also use Finnish spring water of the highest quality for a smooth, natural taste. Besides the water, pure Finnish barley is the only raw material used. All Koskenkorva products are based on this superior quality. This is encapsulated in the magical 013, which is the original product number of Koskenkorva Vodka engraved in every bottle. We continue a centuries old tradition - for the world to enjoy!

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Mats Nilsson
Commercial Director,
Travel Retail and Export
Altia Corporation
Telephone: +358 207 019 081
Email: mats.nilsson@altiacorporation.com